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Thriving Over Surviving Multiple Sclerosis

Nov 30, 2021

Clare Reilly shares her adventures running an off-the-grid outdoor education center, a wife, a mom, and a podcaster. Clare is the host of the MS Understood Podcast. This eco-aware Aussie has never let her multiple sclerosis diagnosis stop her from living out her dreams. Join me as I chat it up with Clare.


Nov 25, 2021

Edie and Dr. Diane Mueller discuss how Lyme and mold impact us spoonies in a disastrous way. Thank you to Dr. Mueller for the freebie below! 

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Nov 23, 2021

With any autoimmune disease, it is not easy navigating all of the many appointments, changes in your body, and uncertainty. Sophie used her Multiple Sclerosis community to gain strength, knowledge, and courage to move forward in a positive direction and advocate for herself. 

Instagram: @mssophdrum

Nov 18, 2021

Karen Marshall joins us for her final installment. Don't you just love her?! She gets very personal with us by sharing how her psychologist has positively impacted her outlook on life as someone with MS. In the opening, Edie says that MS can be a bit of a bummer, if we let it. Karen shares with us how she...

Nov 16, 2021

At 21 years old, Mara Fowler was told she had Multiple Sclerosis. It has been quite a journey for her with lots of ups and downs. 22 years later, she is embracing her diagnosis. Now, as a professional yoga instructor, she specializes in restorative yoga as she feels joy by helping others with MS. Shhh.... she...