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Thriving Over Surviving Multiple Sclerosis

Jan 25, 2022

Allison is a wife & mother of two, lawyer, and abstract artist. Living with MS since 2008, she doesn't try to be perfect but she tries to do her best. 


Instagram: @helloallisonart



Jan 20, 2022

Bonus Episode! Lorin graciously allowed me to take her through the core values process as a model for all of you. What are your core values? Core values are a defined system of beliefs that helps people tell the difference between right from wrong in YOUR life Montrose & Sweeney (2010). What are the best decisions for...

Jan 20, 2022

This is a little preview of what I plan for season two of the show. Bare with me as I am recovering from that thing that everyone is getting. 

Instagram: @thrivingoversurvivingpodcast


Jan 18, 2022

In some cases, MS can try to steal your identity. Karen Dwyer shares how she leaned into her core values to "heal" her MS and live her best life. She now helps others to do the same.  Karen's TEDx talk, What's Your Shoe Size Got to do With Chronic Illness? released last month already has thousands of views. Karen is...

Jan 11, 2022

David Lyons, the creator of the Optimal Body Training Program with his wife Kendra, shares how leaning into his core values of faith and family helped him overcome depression and live out his passion. 


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