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Thriving Over Surviving Multiple Sclerosis

Feb 22, 2022

Dan & Jennifer Digmann say that he's walking and she's rolling, and they are moving forward together. And together they do. With the core values of faith and teamwork, these two MS'rs are thriving as they write their blog, record their podcast, and speak to legislators about how people with chronic diseases navigate...

Feb 17, 2022

This Ten Minute Tid Bit (TMTB) episode explores the concept of support groups. For full show notes and supporting information, please visit the website

Feb 15, 2022

Little did Rachel and I know when we began our conversation that we would end up chatting so long. In Part II, Rachel shares how her cores values of perseverance and making a difference make all this MS stuff not only manageable but fulfilling. Instagram: @tri_to_recover_from_ms

Feb 8, 2022

Everyone's MS diagnosis story is different. For Rachel, the symptoms came on quickly and her diagnosis just as fast. But Rachel soon realized that the typical treatment of steroids was not going to work for her. In Part I, Rachel and I discuss her journey with HSCT and what led up to the discision to take this course...

Feb 1, 2022

Less than 15% of the people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis are said to be in the Primary Progressive Phase. Folake Taylor shares the difficult journey of misdiagnosis and how she leans into her core values to ensure she is living her best life. From scooters to walking, we learn from Dr. Taylor that it's a lot of...