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Thriving Over Surviving Multiple Sclerosis

Dec 28, 2023

But let's be real, MS presents difficulties. Having hope that things will get better, that there is love and kindness in the world, and that hope is in each of us makes a difference for the good. We can not hope blindly. We have to choose a course of action and stick to it. Despite the delays and setbacks along the journey hope carries us along while ersisting with an adventurous course of action. I call it a gritty hope.

These are the words of Justine Calcagno who was diagnosed with MS in 2016. She is an ultrarunning non-profit researcher with a Ph.D. in psychology. She is passionate about trail running, outdoor pursuits, yoga, cycling, and supporting and empowering others, particularly women and feminine-identified people.

Her approach to living with MS is a combination of embodiment and evidence. She hopes that she can inspire others to identify their challenges to overcome and become more joyful and confident through the process of achieving their goals. She also an advocate through the MS Society. Since having MS, Justine has experimented on herself as an "N of 1". She is committed to a plant-based (vegan) and alcohol-free diet.

Let's chat it up with Justine! 

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